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The mission of ARCHES is to support community oriented organizations and individuals, particularly involving young people involved with recreation, education, arts, conservation, and humanity, in the state of Alaska. Our Board Of Directors recognize the diverse and important nature of many altruistic endeavors and seeks to support as many of those as possible.


The engine that allows us the opportunity to pursue our altruistic dreams

Every first of August we are the stewards to Alaska’s largest music festival, Salmonfest. From the music, live painters and every costume in between, creative artistry is responsible for every smile generated throughout the weekend. ARCHES belief is that art and music provide a major component in the heart and soul of a community.

The areas of need to groups and individuals vary but we proudly support many artistic endeavors by any means necessary such as the Homer Youth Orchestra, Pier One (a local theater program), and the Fairbanks Children Museum to name a few.


Vital for a healthy life no matter the age

Both the empirical data and anecdotal evidence reveal that active, engaged people are healthier, happier and more productive. Sponsoring local rec leagues and donating to programs such as K-Bay Martial Arts and the Ninilchik Highschool basketball team is just a small sample of teams and individuals we support.

Recently we helped Thrive Ninilchik, a dedicated local non-profit providing growth and learning opportunities through recreation and cultural experiences, launch the first annual Great Salmon Run 5k. The proceeds raised during that run Saturday morning at Salmonfest provided a valuable opportunity to further cultivate the interest of our young people. Read what our Assistant director Jack Money had to say about the run here


The heartbeat of Salmonfest and the frontline of unprecedented issues

Our rivers, oceans, tundra, coastlines and wildlife are facing ecological implosion and the need for protection, education and preservation are enormous. The fight for Bristal Bay is the central genesis of Salmonfest and we continue that support for the United Tribes of Bristol Bay, Mother Kuskokwim from the Yukon Delta, and Inletkeeper whose work includes building support for sustainable and equitable economies and local climate solutions in a team of data-driven community organizers.  

At ARCHES we believe we are merely stewards of the land and it is our responsibility to ensure preservation and a low impact on what fruitful soil we have left.  


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”  –Mahatma Gandhi

Homelessness, hunger, and isolation are growing concerns in every community. The ravages of these issues are affecting countless families and the programs that provide support to these individuals are often overwhelmed. One of the core missions of ARCHES is the Humanities component, and as a result it has made donations in time and resources to a variety of worthy efforts involving food banks, rehab, senior centers, homeless etc.

It has recently come to our attention that one of the long standing and worthy efforts that we have supported for years, Ninilchik Feeding the Hungry has been unable to continue because the primary leaders have had to withdraw for personal reasons.

As a result, we have begun to pick up the pieces and put this much needed service back into action. In conjunction with the Kenai Peninsula Fair association (the location of the freezers, refrigerators/ storage area) ARCHES staff has been working with local people and food banks for delivery to anywhere between 40-50 individuals and families per week. We have met with the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank and registered as a qualified 501C3 which will allow us to purchase food there at a nominal cost and bring it to the Fairgrounds for distribution and pick up. We are also working with local stores, Safeway, Save-U-More and the Homer Food Pantry to supplement our needs.

Currently individuals looking to receive food can come to the Kenai Peninsula Fair grounds every Monday from 2-5 p.m for a fresh produce pick up. The pick up location is in Chinook Bay the blue building on the left from the main entrance across from the flag poles. Additionally while picking up food we can sign you up for a once monthly food box that will contain dried goods. Pick up for this dried food box will be the third Monday of each month. If you are local and would like to help, don’t hesitate to reach out! If you would like to donate to our Food Bank please follow the link below.

Donate to the Food Pantry Here


Hundreds of devoted members of our communities throughout
the state of Alaska selflessly are committed to expanding
the educational horizons of our populace.

Education, particularly when it comes to the youth of the community, is the flower needing the most nourishment. Towards that end we created the first year Science and Adventure Camp at the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds and ARCHES land. It was a major success as we studied River Ecosystems along Deep Creek and did a variety of other exciting projects and experiments. Most every one of the youngsters who attended had a great time and intend to sign up again next year.  As the cabins are completed on the ARCHES land, we will be expanding the program and offering full or partial scholarships.

In addition to this hands on endeavor, ARCHES also donates directly to organizations that do comprehensive stream studies that provide critical information to help maintain the current and long term health of our salmon runs on the Kenai Peninsula.


“Science is Magic that Works”

The importance of science is intertwined with most of our endeavors at ARCHES. The fact our first youth summer camp was centered around Science was only natural as education through fun interactive experiments nurtures excitement for learning, while creating unforgettable memories in the process.  


Do more of what you love and feel great